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Book 4 in the 2013 Book List: Death Masks (The Dresden Files series book 5) by Jim Butcher

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Finished: February 5
Death Masks (The Dresden Files series book 5) by Jim Butcher

Yeah, so I have started the new habit of reading 2 books simultaneously. I find I have the chance to read more that way.
This is book 5 in the Dresden series, and certainly 1 of the most entertaining by far.
This has a religious touch to it since it deals with “the shroud” the one Jesus was wrapped in for burial.
Taylor and I both really enjoyed this book. I love the narrator, I love the way the author writes the books… there’s always something funny, serious, and a little of everything in each book!
Plus, Taylor enjoyed it since a certain character wasn’t around much in this one. *rolls eyes*
I really enjoyed it because a new favorite character of mine that showed up in book 3 came back in this one.
He’s a playboy vampire, and he is just hillarious! Thomas showed up in book 3 and has been a “friend” to Dresden ever since.
This book has a lot of action to it, but it just left me wanting book 6!
Damn having to wait for more Audible credits!
Look out for one of the next couple of posts, I am currently reading a suggested book! 🙂
Anyways, I am close to brain fried, and don’t want to ruin this post anymore than I already have!
Go read the Dresden series, I highly suggest it!