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Book 13 in the 2014 Booklist: Summer Knight (The Dresden Files, Book 4) by Jim Butcher

Friday, February 17th, 2017

Finished: April 27
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Rating: 4

This is one of the several times I’ve read the books in the Dresden Files series. 🙂

While this isn’t my favorite Dresden book, it’s still a good one. In my opinion, they get better and better as the series continues.

Harry is in a bad way in the beginning of this book, and the only thing to turn him around is a case. He’s convinced to take a case from a very beautiful woman (you’ll find out who she is later).

This book teaches Harry the value of friendship and that it comes in all forms ( werewolves, dew drop faries and others).

Amanda Ellen

Book 21 in the 2013 Booklist: The Poet by Michael Connelly

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

The Poet by Michael Connelly
Finished: June 22
This is another one of those in between actual Bosch books, but still part of the over all Bosch series. I really enjoy this character Jack McEvoy, but heck I haven’t not enjoyed a Connelly character yet!
This is a sort of book suggestion from RO, so have her post about it This book really had me thinking, and I sometimes like that about a book! The Edgar Allan Poe quotes really grabbed my attention since I believe deep down, I have a lit major that just wants out.
The main character really sounded similar to a character mentioned in an earlier Bosch book, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. I kind of hope/hoped that we get this character again in another in between Bosch book, because I found him quite enjoyable! This plot captured my mind, but I also was getting into this book reading funk about then. The funk is still here, and probably why these posts are so far behind, and not a whole lot of new books are being added to my list.
So, with the beginnings of the funk, it took me a little longer than usual to finish it, but once we got to the end I was very happy with the book.
This books title is mentioned in an earlier stand alone book with Terry McCaleb having worked the case, and is probably why I was so anxious to read this book!
I can only suggest this 1 if you like crime books, because you don’t have to read it in order with the other Bosch books since it is a stand alone book.

That’s it for this one.
Amanda Ellen

Book 18 in the 2013 Booklist: City of Bones: Harry Bosch Series, Book 8 By Michael Connelly

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

City of Bones: Harry Bosch Series, Book 8 By Michael Connelly
Finished: May 22
Almost caught up! YAY!
This is another book in the Bosch series, and I have to say, this could almost be my favorite. I have always had a love of cold cases, and that is exactly what this book is all about! Here is RO’s posting that includes her take on the book along with some other Bosch related books I have posted about previously. I know that Taylor gets bored with all the cop books I read, but I have to say that Michael Connelly is a freaking genius with Bosch and the other character books that tie in with him. I really enjoy the twists and turns that each Bosch book makes. I honestly rate this series pretty high in my top series I’ve ever read. I have to agree with RO, that through this whole book I found myself questioning everything I thought I knew about Bosch! Is he getting too old for this, will he ever be truly happy, will he stay in the Hollywood division with Edgar… millions of questions, and a sort of cliff hanging ending to make me want to read the next! Good book Mr. Connelly, good job!
Amanda Ellen

Book 15 in the 2013 Booklist: White Night: The Dresden Files, Book 9 by Jim Butcher

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

White Night: The Dresden Files, Book 9 by Jim Butcher
Finished: April 30

I should have prefaced the last post with this, but forgot. I am really behind on book postings, and will likely be flooding the blog with the posts I’m behind on. If I don’t get them all done today, I’ll certainly be working on getting caught up soon, because I’m out of school for the summer! I’ll write a seperate post about that when I’ve got the energy to do the posting some justice. Anyways, back to the book posts now!
This isn’t something I do often, read back to back Dresden books, but I really wanted to get to the next one after the prior one, Proven Guilty . I was not disappointed with this book either! Jim Butcher has to be like a master genius or something with how good these books are. This book involves a lot of different people and characters. I am really liking that Thomas has become sort of a main character now, helping Harry out where needed. In this book though, Harry’s first love, and sort of partner in crime from his messed up childhood, Elaine, is back. I have to say that I really have started to like her. In this book she plays the role of private investigator, the same thing that Dresden does. She is in charge of helping an order of witches protect themselves from the recent rash of magic practitioners that have been murdered. This brings the vampires back in to center focus, because the vampires are behind the murders. Except, instead of the Red Court, this time it is some of the White Court vampires. Marcone is back with a health club/ brothel that he gives Dresden an exclusive membership to. One of the ladies from the order goes missing just for Dresden to find out that she is working for Marcone at this new health club of his. With her help of supplying information, Dresden figures out who the bad guy is, and how they have inside information. Dresden and a new warden, Ramirez take out the bad guy without Elaine’s help. The battle is very long, and much is revealed and some of it to do with Thomas’ sister, Lara. Since Marcone helped Dresden in the battle, he agrees to help Marcone become a signatory of “The Unseelie Accords”. Dresden is most interested in what Thomas’ new job has been that he refuses to divulge any information about. Dresden then follows him to a trendy boutique-coffee shop. Thomas explains he put himself through cosmetology school and opened this hair salon; nothing illegal or immoral is involved. Dresden is relieved that Thomas’ job is nothing horrible, and the two reconcile their differences over coffee.
Amanda Ellen

Book 14 in the 2013 Booklist: Proven Guilty: The Dresden Files, Book 8 by Jim Butcher

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

Proven Guilty: The Dresden Files, Book 8 by Jim Butcher
Finished: April 21

This was the 8th book in the Dresden series, and a very different one in my opinion.
This one had little to do with vampires, which have been center staged pretty much for the last few books. This one introduced some new points that changed the series from here on out. Someone Harry knows is revealed to be a wizard themselves, and more is revealed about a sort of side character. There is more and more involvement of the faerie courts, Lilly and Vix from the book Summer Knight are back. This book takes us in to Winter’s realm of Faerie, and I found it kind of interesting.This book deals with some horror movie villans, and I found it entertaining to try and match the book’s movie villans with the movie villans of reality. A character that was not very important up to this book, now becomes a staple character in the books that follow. I really enjoyed this book, although it probably wasn’t exactly my favorite book this far. I still highly suggest to anyone that they read the Dresden series, it is a lot of fun to read, and I get sucked in to every new book I start!
That’s all for now,
Amanda Ellen

Book 12 in the 2013 Book List: Dead Beat: The Dresden Files, Book 7 by Jim Butcher

Friday, April 12th, 2013

Dead Beat: The Dresden Files, Book 7 by Jim Butcher
Finished: April 8
With the conclusion of this book, I am officially half way through the Dresden Files series. Man, am I ever glad I decided to give this series a try. I really enjoy it, and I love the narrator, James Marsters. According to Audible, he is famous, but I’m not sure from where.
I will say that he embodies Harry Dresden, and I couldn’t imagine anyone else “being” Dresden. He does good voices for different characters, and makes the already funny wording, even more funny. I’ll say it again, if you haven’t tried to give this series a run, you must! It’s funny, magical, suspenseful, and has action too! In fact, Taylor is so wrapped up in the series that he has put aside Bosch in favor of continuing the Dresden series. Bosch now will become part of my “listen by myself” series. Man, now that I think of it, I got a few of those books piling up over in my library. I think that the author tries to touch on as many magical things as possible, throughout the series. I always have fun guessing from the title, what that book will be about. I think my favorite character has to be Bob though, and you have to read the series to find out who Bob is. 🙂
Well, I’m already in the next book of the Dresden Files series, and still finishing up my on my own book suggested by RO…
And of course, I was behind with this book posting, but that’s been partial laziness and partial health issues.
Anyways, go grab Storm Front: The Dresden Files, Book 1 and dive into 1 of my most favorite series I’ve ever read!
Amanda Ellen

Book 7 in the 2013 Book List: Blood Work by Michael Connelly

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Blood Work by Michael Connelly
Finished: February 20
This is a book that is and isn’t a part of the Bosch series. It is a part of it because somehow it will fit in to the actual Bosch books down the road, it isn’t because it has nothing to do with Bosch himself.
I really enjoyed this book, I really really liked the main character, Terry McCaleb.
In some odd ways I felt a connection with him, like 2 kindred spirits.
This did make me want to read a related/not so related book in the Bosch series called “The Poet” since it was referenced a few times. I give this book an A+!
If I could stomach orange juice, I might have started drinking it after this book.
Instead I settled for orange juice with a little vodka, drinking for Terry.
I really don’t suggest reading these out of order, but this book was better than I thought it would be since it didn’t have Bosch in it, and I want more Terry McCaleb books!
Thank you Mr. Connelly, you find a way to make me like all of your main good characters!

I look forward to getting back to this series, but it will have to wait till I finish Dresden, it’s that time of the month. 🙂
That time of the month where I got a new shiny Audible credit and cashed it in on the next Dresden book and can’t wait to see what my other favorite detective type is up to!
Well, that’s it for now.
Go grab a Bosch book, a Dresden Book, or any of my books I have gave glowing recommendations to thus far.
I promise, I have good taste in books. 🙂

Amanda Ellen