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Book 17 in the 2014 booklist: Skin Game: A Novel of the Dresden Files, Book 15 by Jim Butcher

Finished: June 7
Rating: 5
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This book was long awaited, and it didn’t disappoint. Harry is now the winter knight and he’s got to handle a task that Mab has thrown at him. We meet some old characters in this book as well as some new ones. It’s a good mix I must say. It still left a lot of questions, but hopefully that’ll be answered in the next book. We don’t see much of Molly until the end, but she makes an appearance as the new winter lady. We experience Nicodemus and his daughter again, as well as Anna Valmonte from the Church Mice days in Blood Rites.
All in all, this was in the better end of the Dresden books and leaves the reader waiting for the next book!

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