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Book 14 in the 2013 Booklist: Proven Guilty: The Dresden Files, Book 8 by Jim Butcher

Proven Guilty: The Dresden Files, Book 8 by Jim Butcher
Finished: April 21

This was the 8th book in the Dresden series, and a very different one in my opinion.
This one had little to do with vampires, which have been center staged pretty much for the last few books. This one introduced some new points that changed the series from here on out. Someone Harry knows is revealed to be a wizard themselves, and more is revealed about a sort of side character. There is more and more involvement of the faerie courts, Lilly and Vix from the book Summer Knight are back. This book takes us in to Winter’s realm of Faerie, and I found it kind of interesting.This book deals with some horror movie villans, and I found it entertaining to try and match the book’s movie villans with the movie villans of reality. A character that was not very important up to this book, now becomes a staple character in the books that follow. I really enjoyed this book, although it probably wasn’t exactly my favorite book this far. I still highly suggest to anyone that they read the Dresden series, it is a lot of fun to read, and I get sucked in to every new book I start!
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