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Book 15 in the 2014 booklist: Death Masks: The Dresden Files, Book 5 by Jim Butcher

Monday, February 20th, 2017

Finished: May 15
Rating: 5

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This is book 5 in the Dresden Files series, and perhaps one of my favorite books. So much happens in this book that I can’t even begin to describe it without giving something away. I think it’s awesome that the Shroud of Turin is involved, that piece of history has always fascinated me! If you have made this far into the Dresden Files series, you probably know that James Marsters narration has gotten 100% better. I love, love this book.

Amanda Ellen

Book 14 in the 2014 booklist: Witches of Bourbon Street by Deanna Chase

Saturday, February 18th, 2017

Finished: May 14
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Jade Calhoun is not only an empath but now she’s a witch too. This is book 2 in the series that start with
Haunted on Bourbon Street.

this is where I gave up on the series, it got way to weird, even for me. That’s saying something when it gets too weird for me. haha

I enjoyed the romance aspect of the book, but the weirdness won out and totally turned me off the book and the series.

Book 13 in the 2014 Booklist: Summer Knight (The Dresden Files, Book 4) by Jim Butcher

Friday, February 17th, 2017

Finished: April 27
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Rating: 4

This is one of the several times I’ve read the books in the Dresden Files series. 🙂

While this isn’t my favorite Dresden book, it’s still a good one. In my opinion, they get better and better as the series continues.

Harry is in a bad way in the beginning of this book, and the only thing to turn him around is a case. He’s convinced to take a case from a very beautiful woman (you’ll find out who she is later).

This book teaches Harry the value of friendship and that it comes in all forms ( werewolves, dew drop faries and others).

Amanda Ellen