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Life update and some support please?

Friday, July 26th, 2013

So, here it is another life update type thing. This one is kind of big to me, but not big like life or death or anything. I have decided to quit smoking. I know, those who actually read this thing and know me are probably in shock. Please, come around and join me on the side of reason. I have convinced myself of several reasons on why I should quit smoking and do it post haste.

First of all, it’s just not good for anyone, and since I have been so sickly and surgery prone the last few years, I figure it can’t hurt to see if quitting helps that. Maybe this will rid me of all the stupid sinus infections, the constant fluid fluctuation, and anything else that has been ailing me. Not to mention, I am only hurting myself by smoking because when school stresses me out, it results in me smoking way more than I normally allow myself to have in a single day. So, that’s my first logical thought process.

Next we have the fact that I am on the job hunt. I know they can’t really discriminate and all that happy crap, but I figure that employers might be more interested in a non-smoker than a smoker. That reasoning has many branches; most of all, most people think it is really unattractive for people to smoke. This means are you really going to want to do business with someone that smells like smoke? Probably not on your first choice.

Next thought process, I will feel cleaner. Yes, that sounds crazy I know, but I won’t stink is what I guess I should say. Everyone I know complains about the smell that wafts around me during and after smoking a cigarette. This will no longer be the case, and I’ll just smell pretty and clean.

Final process, and this probably is just grasping at straws, but maybe, maybe, just maybe, this might ease up some of the extreme dislike my mother-in-law has for me? I know it is probably wishful thinking, but hey, figure it has to count for something? Right?
Plus, with me quitting smoking, our household will be a tobacco free zone since Taylor quit dipping about 8-9 months ago. By me choosing to do this now, I also may be able to avoid temptation because I have no way to go grab some more smokes. I am going at this cold turkey, and the reasoning behind that is more messed up than I care to share. 1 reason would be Chantix is mean, evil, wicked, bad, and nasty on many levels and I am not ready to resort to subjecting myself to that just yet.

So, friends, I hope you are reading… this is the time I really need some moral support. I run out of smokes tomorrow, and I already feel the grumpy trying to come out. I am doing my best to suppress it, and I have 1 of those handy dandy electronic cigarettes, but I would just like to be nondependent on tobacco.

So, I’ll be doing a reverse countdown on Twitter, the number of days I have made it without a lit cigarette, and hopefully that will change to the number of days without nicotine.
That’s the hardest part, getting this crack baby off her nicotine…
Ah well, I apologize for any foul moods that come across electronically for the foreseeable future…

Thank you all for the support!
Amanda Ellen

Oh, I so hope I don’t sound like one of those televangelists sob stories… blarf! hahahaha