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Spring Semester is looming

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Well, my last semester of community college starts Monday. It is hard to believe I’ve spent the last 3 and half years here..but its all almost over…Its bitter sweet. I’m ready to move onto my bachelors, but I’ve made lots of friends and relationships at this college I don’t want to see end.
I know Leah has many friends at the college who she will certainly miss.
But I think I might have over done the last semester…15 hours on top of 8 hours I didn’t finish last semester?
So here’s the course list:
Calculus for Business and Economics
Special Topics Literature class over the 1960s
Technical Writing
and then tack on the 2 biology papers to finish which one is done, so only one left, the freshman orientation class I didn’t complete, business law I still have some quizzes and a research paper to write for, and my wellness fitness class…yep..I’m going to be a busy bee this semester.
The best thing?
My dad is going to be my escort at graduation since they won’t let do some O&M a few days before…That is going to be awesome!
It is hard to believe that in May I’ll be an official college graduate…
It makes me feel very accomplished 🙂

Thats it for now,
I have to research a paper over fetal stem cell research and why I think its ok.

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